Monday, November 22, 2010

Chron's Guild unit makes case on Facebook

The Chronicle's Guild unit today announced it has launched a Facebook page to promote its side in contract negotiations. The page includes personal statements from such well-known Chronicle Guild members as Leah Garchik, Carl Nolte, Debra Saunders and Mike Kepka.

Saunders, the Chronicle's conservative columnist, says on the Facebook page:
    ‎"I am probably the last person Chronicle readers would expect to see standing up for a union. 
    "It is not realistic to expect the staff here to work harder every month, for less compensation; it isn't whining to note that we produce more work while being paid for fewer hours. ... Everyone who works for this paper has made adult concessions to make the paper the solid read it is.
The next round of negotiations is set for Tuesday, Nov. 23, and Guild leaders hold out hope that a deal is possible. A press conference is planned for 10 a.m. Wednesday, Nov. 24, at the Chronicle entrance at 5th and Mission streets to discuss the status of contract negotiations.

Negotiations began in May 2010. The current labor agreement expired June 30, 2010, but the parties agreed to extend all terms while talks are under way. Interim negotiations in February-March 2009 produced an agreement to amend the current contract. The Guild agreed to concessions at that time in order to avoid the threatened sale or shutdown of the Chronicle. The current labor talks are intended to reach agreement on a successor contract to replace the current agreement as amended.

Guild, Local 39521, represents about 250 employees at The Chronicle in editorial, advertising, circulation, marketing, creative services, customer service, finance and ad production departments.


Fred Dodsworth said...

Debra Saunders supports unionization (of course, the one union that could protect her). Irony is not yet dead.

Anonymous said...

Can Chronicle reporters cover labor-management disputes fairly to both sides if they're so involved in their own union? For instance, why didn't the Chronicle report on the union decertifications occurring at Delta Airlines? It's a big national story, but not one word about it in my Chronicle this morning.

Anonymous said...

Unionization has gotten us nowhere at the Contra Costa Times (BANG East Bay). If I could change my vote for the union, I would!

Anonymous said...

Without the union, imagine how much deeper the pay reductions would have been? How many more jobs would have been eliminated? In difficult times, we did well by unionizing and standing up as a united front to Singleton. It would have been far, far worse without a union.

Anonymous said...

Anyone who thinks we are in better shape at the Times because of the union is clueless. There is no "united front" at the paper. Our guild has NO power and has consistently caved in to whatever Singleton wants. Whatever he wants, he will get and the guild will let him do it. The only thing the guild cares about is how many members it can claim on its balance sheet. It couldn't care less what happens to those members.