Thursday, December 16, 2010

Par Ridder lands at Clear Channel

Par Ridder
Par Ridder, who was removed from his job as publisher of the Minneapolis Star Tribune by a judge in a legal dispute with MediaNews Group, today was named branch president of Clear Channel Outdoor's Chicago Office.

Ridder, the son of former Knight Ridder CEO Tony Ridder of Woodside, was called a "proven manager and strategic thinker" in a CC news release.

The release says that Ridder, 41, served as publisher of the Minneapolis Star Tribune, St Paul Pioneer Press and San Luis Obispo Tribune.

No mention was made of the 2007 lawsuit that MediaNews Group's Dean Singleton filed after Par quit MNG's St. Paul Pioneer Press (a paper owned for generations by Par's family) to jump to the rival Star Tribune.

The suit accused Par of taking a laptop full of confidential data when he quit. Par admitted to taking the laptop, but the heart of the case was whether he violated his non-compete agreement with MNG. The dispute went to trial and a Minnesota judge removed Par from his job as publisher in September 2007. The Star Tribune settled with MNG for $5 million and paid another $11 million in legal fees.


Anonymous said...

Having worked at the SLO Tribune when he was there, Par impressed me as kind of a frat boy, and too young to assume the responsibilities his father had given him. Hopefully his experience in Minneapolis served as a reality check and taught him some ethics.

Anonymous said...

What kind of background check did Clear Channel do? "Proven leader"?....

Anonymous said...

Outdoor advertising? Billboards? Bus shelter ads? How the mighty have fallen.