Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Talk of layoffs at the Mercury News

Mercury News management is threatening layoffs if it can't get concessions from unionized workers, the Guild reports in an update to its members. Among the concessions sought is a four-month freeze on the accrual of vacation time and the ability to impose a one-week unpaid furlough. The talk of layoffs comes amid reports of declines in ad revenue in November and the first half of December, the update said. Two part-time sales assistants have already been laid off, the update said.


Anonymous said...

Typical of how these terrorists play..my way or no way!

Anonymous said...

Doesn't Dean Singleton have MS? If so, what's taking it so long to silence this whore of corporate greed?
Of course, the McClathy's are just as responsible for this mess at the Mercury News and CCTimes. They sold the Mercury News and CoCo Times to Singleton. I hope the McClathys suffer just as much with their newspapers.

Anonymous said...

They said if concessions are not made by the unions they will have to lay folks off, look at this blog they already let two people go and the unions are still "in talks".

They want their concessions and lay offs too....smoke and mirrors my friends.