Tuesday, January 4, 2011

CNN moving bureau to 'Silicon Valley'

CNN is closing its San Francisco bureau and plans to open a Silicon Valley bureau on Feb. 1, according to MediaBistro and media blogger Rich Lieberman. A CNN representative tells MediaBistro that there will be no staffing changes as a result of the move, though the network will not be renewing its office space in the city. The network is also keeping all of its equipment and trucks for use by producers and correspondents.


Anonymous said...

CNN is so out of it that I doubt anybody knew they had a San Francisco bureau.

Anonymous said...

Can somebody on this blog please answer a question for me?

Why does the San Francisco Peninsula Press Club, which is supposed to stand for,uphold and celebrate the grand tradition of good,accurate journalism and reporting, constantly quote the mostly inaccurate Rich Lieberman as a source without fact checking?

Anonymous said...

Not sure what the previous commenter is talking about, since this item was also on MediaBistro, and a CNN spokesperson confirmed it. Maybe the commenter would like to disclose their beef with Rich.