Thursday, February 10, 2011

Past and current journalists asked to take survey

SF Public Press, a nonprofit news organization, is conducting a survey of journalists through Monday, Feb. 14. Here's a link to the survey.

According to the Public Press:
    The San Francisco Bay Area Journalist Census 2000-2010 aims to assess the employment experiences of journalists working in the Bay Area and the opportunities available to them today both within the changing field of journalism and beyond. Our ultimate goal is to enhance the economic and professional prosperity of Bay Area journalists. 
    Please participate in this survey and share the link with other current and former Bay Area journalists. With your help, this study will gauge the real experience of media workers during a period of rapid industry transformation. As with any survey, the higher the participation, the richer the findings.

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Lila LaHood said...

Clarification: The Journalist Census is a project of the North Valley Job Training Consortium, also known as NOVA, a federally funded nonprofit employment and training agency based in Sunnyvale. See SF Public Press is managing outreach efforts for the project.