Friday, June 3, 2011

Police search newspaper for missing woman

Police searched the offices of the Daily News in Menlo Park and the adjoining warehouse of the San Jose Mercury News in a search for a woman Thursday night who later was found safe at her home in East Palo Alto, the Daily News reported today.

The woman is the wife of a Merc circulation employee. He was concerned that she had disappeared after he had dropped her off hours earlier to use a computer in the warehouse.

Two bloody razors and a cell phone were found next to a computer in the Merc’s warehouse, the Daily News reported.

After the woman was found, she was taken to a hospital for a 72-hour psychiatric hold, police told the Daily News.


Anonymous said...

Police searched the newsroom? My how things have changed. Used to be reporters would object to such a thing, in the interest of protecting anonymous sources, reporters' notes, etc.

Kathy C said...

The police weren't looking for notes or reporters' Rolodexes. They were looking for a person. This doesn't seem to have anything to do with the First Amendment or press freedom, but simply finding a woman who might have been in trouble.