Friday, June 24, 2011

Vargas wrote more stories for the Chron on illegal immigration than the one he acknowledged

Jose Antonio Vargas, the former Chronicle and Washington Post reporter who revealed this week he is an illegal immigrant, told Phil Bronstein that he realized in 2003 that he had a conflict of interest covering the immigration issue and wouldn’t do it anymore. But Julie Moos of Poynter Online found that Vargas continued to write stories on immigration for the Chronicle, and she provides links to them. Meanwhile, Michele Salcedo, president of the National Association of Hispanic Journalists, says the Vargas story will put newsroom managers under increased pressure to check the documentation of their workers.


T Quayle said...

A better headline would have been "Bronstein duped again"

Anonymous said...

Journism has embraced illegal immigration. Why would they care about someone's illegal status? This is all after-the-fact huffing.