Saturday, January 28, 2012

Channel 2 unveils new set, graphics

In the past few months, three Bay Area TV stations have introduced new sets and/or new graphic packages — CBS5, Univision 14 and NBC Bay Area. Tonight, KTVU Channel 2 unveiled its new set and graphics package that aims to modernize the station’s look while maintaining the top-rated station’s legacy.

“The set design features woods, brushed metals, Plexiglass and laminates that translate into a modern presentation that is warm and sophisticated,” said a news release from KTVU’s Jeff Holub. “The graphic package will use the same color palette and element package that KTVU viewers are familiar with but with more of a modern day look and feel.”

Here's a link to KTVU's story about the set.

The set will include three different staging areas – the main desk, weather center and a multipurpose area. The main anchor desk will feature a large Duratran mural and keeping with the tradition of the station will include the Golden Gate Bridge. The weather center is large enough for multiple meteorologists and features 60-inch flat screen monitors.

KTVU worked with Broadcast Design International (BDI) on the set and Hothaus Creative on the graphics.


Anonymous said...

Kind of looks like the old set, which didn't look too goo when they went to HD.

Michael Patrick said...

I agree; it doesn't look greatly different from the former set. Plus now the weather graphics on their big flat-screen are hard to read on my SDTV set than when they used the blue-/green-screen. But it looks good overall.