Saturday, January 28, 2012

Steve Fainaru to leave Bay Citizen

Steve Fainaru
Steve Fainaru, interim editor-in-chief of The Bay Citizen, announced Friday that he will be leaving the nonprofit news organization next month to pursue a book project with his brother, ESPN sportswriter Mark Fainaru-Wada. His departure follows the resignations of editor-in-chief Jonathan Weber in September and CEO Lisa Frazier in October. Last month, financeer Warren Helman, who launched Bay Citizen, died at age 77 of leukemia. The Bay Citizen, in its story about Fainaru’s departure, said it is currently hiring reporters and editors. Frazier, whose last day is Feb. 6, said Bay Citizen has raised $17.5 million since its inception including $6 million from Hellman. Replacements for Fainaru, Weber and Frazier have not been named. (Photo credit: Bay Citizen)

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Anonymous said...

How long is Bay Citizen going to last? They burn though money pretty fast and haven't had an impact on the Bay Area.