Thursday, August 9, 2012

Peninsula columnist Kreitman enters hospice

Keith Kreitman — a columnist who wrote about politics, theater and other subjects for the Daily Journal in San Mateo for the past six years — has entered a hospice at the VA in Palo Alto.

Journal Editor Jon Mays reports that while Kreitman is in good spirits, he can no longer write a column, though he “has found plenty of people with whom to share his viewpoints.”

Mays writes:
    Keith is also a heck of a nice guy, with a cutting humor in even the most dire of situations. At the VA, he remarked how he is often prodded and poked and how a pair of nurses asked him where he would like his head. “I’d like it to remain on my shoulders, if I could.” 
    While Keith will no longer be writing for the Daily Journal, he made an impact on the community and on the staff here at the newspaper. I thank him for his service.

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