Friday, September 25, 2015

Marinucci jumps to Politico

Carla Marinucci, a longtime political writer for the San Francisco Chronicle, has landed a job at Politico, which is launching a California section. Politico is starting several regional sections, and most of the writers for these sections are coming from newspapers. The news that she had taken a new job was announced by Politico’s Mike Allen. Marinucci has been covering politics for the Chron since 1996 and has been with Hearst Newspapers since 1983. Here’s her Chron bio. (Photo credit: Chronicle)


Will said...

She will be missed. A real old-school writer who can actually spell and use appropriate grammar, not to mention she's a very good columnist too.

Donald Brignolo said...

I'm a retired reporter for the Mercury News and enjoyed some 30 years working with your brother Steve, who is my Facebook friend.
You are the Bay Area's best political reporter (of course, I still miss Susan Yoachum, who died too young). I look forward to your
commentary on Sunday mornings on TV with the panel that includes Willie Brown. It won't be the same now. Best of luck. Don Brignolo